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Earn more by getting together

Why Us

Low fees

Founded by early crypto adopters

With aim to combine their own effort

And reach higher rewards

With lowest fees possible

Growing rewards

Significant level of initial capacity

And constantly increasing community

Makes pool rewards even bigger

Which means higher and stable income

Great Team

Created and supported by true IT professionals

Having their own stakes in the pool

So it's their top priority to ensure

Reliability, security and best customer service


We support cryptocurrencies which have great potential for further grow. Key factors considered are:

  • Original Idea and Additional Value
  • Scalability and Quality of Technical Implementation
  • Environmental Footprint

For now we have support for:

  • Chia - XCH (currently in private mode)
  • Cardano - ADA (planned)

As per pooling going to be released before 1st of June 2021. Our infrastructure is ready,

but we plan to run additional 1-2 month in private mode te make sure that everything works as expected.

Registration is not mandatory. All you need from us is the pool id. Rest is handled by the protocol.

However you might like to register in order to get updates or contact the community or support.

Rewards are calculated nearly real-time based on blocks won by the pool and contribution of each individual.

Withdrawals to participans wallets are happening daily, however there is a minimal withdrawal amount condition that needs to be satisfied.

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